24 January 2020

As we all started off the week with unparalleled excitement towards our New Year resolution goals, we realized halfway that we should make headway towards VIDIZMO renovation too.

So here is a ticked list straight out of our adventures in the Product Resolution Jar:

What's New

  • We are perfectly aware of what it means to have your own brand identity and how significant a part does it play in inculcating company-wide values and culture. Introducing the ability to feature a Banner on your main Account homepage, we empoweredyour organization to own what's rightfully theirs.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed teeny UI issues pertaining to your very own Live Control Room and Studio Space in Internet Explorer. Oh well, adding interactive content within videos got to be a little challenging, no?
  • Tightened a few bolts on our comments feature, to make sure turning them on in the portal makes them readily visible to the Contributors.
  • ID Connector application, still in its infant stages, needed a few strokes of fresh paint and some plaster in handful places. You can now enjoy a bug-free integration. Read more about it here: ID Connector User Guide.


  • Having tethered our boot lace and loaded our backpacks, off we went to hike in the unknown hills of application tuning. With bruised knees and unkempt hair, we returned with a victory as worthy as the venture itself: a spotlessly clean application build. What's in it for you, you wonder? The application structure is now completely re-established to build better and serve better. Tada!