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Live chat allows you to instantly communicate with your website visitors via instant messaging. Live support applications are commonly used to provide immediate customer support and information to clients and customers. If you have any Live Chat App integrated on your website, then people coming to your website will be able to click on your live chat widget and start a conversation with you or one of your customer service agents.

Freshdesk: Freshdesk is cloud-based customer support and Live Chat solution. It offers a comprehensive set of features and tools to help businesses support all their customers’ needs. If you are using VIDIZMO and want to configure Freshdesk Live Chat with your portal, then you can follow these simple steps.

Before you start

  • You should have Admin, Manager, or at least Contributor level rights in Enterprise Tube/Digital Evidence Management.
  • You need to have a Freshdesk and FreshChat accounts.

1. Log in to your Freshdesk account.

i. Navigate to Admin Option to get the FreshChat app setup widget.

ii. Click FreshChat App to open it.

2. Enable ‘Link Freshchat with your Freshdesk Account’ 

Note: Step 1 and 2 are only useful if you want to link your Freshdesk Support portal with FreshChat so your customers can easily chat with you when they land on your support portal.

Note: To know more about FreshChat integration with Freshdesk Support click Here: Integrate Freshdesk with Freshchat.

3. Login to your Freshchat account. To get the Host and Token. To start talking to your website visitors by embedding Host and Token on your portal. Remember, nothing works until you do this.

i. Navigate to the Admin option.

ii. Click Web Messenger widget under Setup to open it.

iii. Copy Token and Host Keys, available in the Getting Started side menu. 

1. From the Portal’s Homepage, log in using Administrator or Manager credentials.

i. Click on the menu icon on the top left-hand corner of the screen to bring up the left navigation pane.

ii. Then click on the arrow to expand the Admin section.

iii. Select Setting to open Portal Settings navigation panel.

2. From the Portal Settings navigation pane:

i. Click on the Apps to expand the list of operations that can be performed.

ii. Select Support where you can Setup the Freshchat app.

iii. Click on the settings gear icon.

iv. FreshChat popup window will appear. Enter the Host in Live Chat URL (see step 3.3).

v. Enter Token in Live Chat Token. (see step 3.3)

vi. Now turn on the feature using the toggle button. This will enable the FreshChat app.

A window will appear notifying that Portal Information updated successfully.

Note: Once the integration has completed, you would see the Freshdesk Live Chat option on the Home/Main Page of your portal.  

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