10 January 2020

Hola! With the felicitations of a new decade, we bring to you the best New Year Eve's gift ever!

Since all delivery services were booked, it took us 10 extra days to get it shipped to you just the way it was meant to be released.


With law enforcement agencies facing a grim challenge of central storage, handling and management of digital evidences, which can potentially allow safe yet convenient access to information through out various autonomous police organizations, VIDIZMO took a great leap into the realm of Digital Evidence Management to offer one of the most robust systems to cater to these requirements. For secure transfer of highly confidential information such as criminal database and forensics data, we devised flows that are mouldable to every departmental structure.

Essentially scoping the most demanding feature-set for comprehensive DEM systems, we have introduced a streamlined mechanism for:

  • Automated processing and storage of Digital Evidence
    This one has been made focalized by tuning the security policy of the portal to adhere to strict confidentiality of data, where only Account and Portausers can access digital evidences by default (until configured otherwise).

  • Organization of Digital Evidence
    Using enhanced view of categorized data that can be segregated with respect to different departmental folders or areas of operation, the flow of submitting and analyzing digital evidences has been made more efficient. This enables officers and investigators to find relevant cases and digital evidences with greater ease.

  • Evidence Handling
    The manner in which a Digital Evidence is processed and handled was keenly studied and made better by creating a custom view where officers can view evidence's details (collapsible) while inspecting an evidence expanded on a full screen. With our collaboration features such as annotations and discussion, investigation processes have become more concrete and trackable.

  • Case Assignment & Inspection
    Shaping our existing feature sets into a use-case for logical collection of digital evidences pertaining to a common operational Bureau, has helped the system be robust enough to cater to case management requirements. Every Case is a separate entity with its own access rights and meta-data that helps in search and management. A Case can be assigned to various investigative officers, who can then use its advanced UI for inspection and analysis.
    Digital Evidences within a case can be reordered and then analyzed in a sequence, also catering to a use-case of Case Presentation to higher-rank officials.

  • Evidence Ingestion and Submission
    Within the system, contextual ingestion of digital evidence has been architected, in order to ease the process of uploading digital evidences in the relevant departmental folder or case. After submission, that submitted evidence automatically goes under review based on the user-role who uploaded it (until configured otherwise), so that it can be moderated before being published into the system for handling, analysis and maintenance.

  • Configurable Disposition Policy
    A monumental feature of the DEM demands that complete life-cycle of a digital evidence is well-tethered and utterly trackable. Disposition and destruction of archived digital evidence is now a part of native VIDIZMO experience where organizations can configure policies like retention for complete evidence disposition after deleting cases and evidence from the portal. Deleted evidence can still be accessed from Recycle Bin by higher-ranked officials in the system. This holds as much value in law enforcement agencies as a clean forensics submission process and procurement of tamper-free evidence.

What's New

  • ID Connector support for VIDIZMO V6 entails that you can now use our new streamlined way of populating your organizational users from Active Directory into VIDIZMO application. With a few flicks of a wand, you can now enjoy automated user provisioning, role-assignment, groups synchronization and controlled user-base population into various portals as per your organizational needs. Learn more about the magic spell here: VIDIZMO ID Connector User Guide.

Bug Fixes

  • Whenever updated with custom branding, portals' font used to fall back to Times New Roman , oopsie. We know how concerned you are about your branding, and we are too. Your style guide, our pride.

  • A teeny bug kept reappearing on the live session start-time garbling it in a few spots in the application. Some well-targeted computing shots hunt it down.

  • We were letting you click on Join Portal before you entered your details on the form, such hospitality! You will at least have to provide us your Name and ID (Email Address) when you knock on the door now.

  • Overwhelmed by the response from our SharePoint App users (who are loving the experience), we added full support for in-video quiz/survey, chat and other interactions during the live session.

  • The interactions you performed in a live session after the recording ended were not being stored with the recorded session, such as chat, etc. Based on popular demand, you can now view archived chat before/during/after the recorded session ends.


  • Hooray! Our Live Session Playback has sky-rocketed on Internet Explorer.  We celebrated as many hours as the long streak of days it took for our engineers to achieve this great feat. Sorry, IE. Thank you, team.

  • Similarly, streamlined SharePoint app usage in Internet Explorer by enhancing end-user flows when joining the portal, playing back media, sharing live session, etc.

  • We skewed a few gears, and refilled engine fluids for the application to be faster than the fastest man alive: The Flash. Just kidding. But you will notably detect a difference in performance.

  • Added support to including any-size images within your Organization's details or Customized Header for a branded look and feel to your portal.