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Before you start

Go to Recycle Bin

Restore Evidence

Restore Evidence in Bulk

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VIDIZMO's DEM works as a secure vault for Law Enforcement Agencies for storing their evidence data in a systematically arranged manner. It allows officers to delete the evidence whenever the case has been closed. However, there is a chance that the evidence is mistakenly deleted. Hence, for the purpose of maintaining the integrity of digital evidence, VIDIZMO allows investigative officers to restore the evidence from Recycle Bin within a specific time period. Officers can also manually set the period for retention of the evidence.

Before you start

  • Make sure you log into your portal with a Manager+ role to be able to restore evidence from the disposal. To learn more about user roles, see: Understanding User Roles.

Note: In order to restore evidence, there should be evidence in the Recycle bin already.

Go to Recycle Bin

From the Portal's Homepage, go to Recycle Bin:

Restore Evidence:

1. In order to restore evidence individually, click on the overflow menu, then click on Restore.

Restore Evidence in Bulk:

1. In order to bulk restore evidence, select the evidence which you want to restore and then click on Restore on top.

2. When you restore evidence individually or in bulk, the restored evidence will be shown on the same page where it was before deletion (as highlighted below).

Note:  Please note that if your evidence/file was in the case, then after restoration it will not be restored back in the same case. It will be restored in the default folder and will be visible on the Homepage.