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The Police and Law Enforcement Agencies usually create a case at the beginning of investigations especially when they have some evidence in hand. Similarly, once the case is finalized and all legislative and court hearing activities are finished the cases can be deleted, to avoid any misuse of evidence. This is a frequent process and VIDIZMO's Digital Evidence Management System helps create and delete cases smoothly and efficiently so the officers can be more focused on the investigation rather than taking care of the evidence. 

Before you start

  • Only Moderator+ users can create or delete a case.

Creating a Case

1. From your DEM portal Homescreen

i. Click on My Cases section to navigate to view all Cases created by you.


2. In My Case section,

i. Click on the +Create New Case option.

ii. A pop up will appear, here give your Case a suitable name.

iii. From the drop-down, select the folder where you want to add this case.

iv. Click on the Create button. 

Note: Here you can read more about How to Submit an Evidence in a Case. 


Deleting a Case

1. For deleting a case, navigate to the My Cases folder to see the available cases, here; 

i. Click on the overflow menu of the case. 

ii. Select the Delete option.

2. A popup will appear, click on the Delete button.

Note: The deleted Case will remain in the Recycle Bin till the defined Disposition/Retention period. Here you can read more about: How to set Disposition Policy of an Evidence