Have you not been able to set up your VIDIZMO-Zoom integration properly? Below is a list of all issues you might have been facing during the integration process, and steps on how to resolve them (hopefully):



  1. During the integration process, after you entered credentials of your Zoom account, you may have received something like this:

  2. Or you may have seen your workflow fail due to the error "App Refresh Token Already in Use". 


Here is what may have caused the issues above respectively:

  1. This is a result of entering invalid credentials of Zoom account for authorization.
  2. You tried to enter credentials of an administrator whose account is already used for synchronization in another VIDIZMO portal. To simplify the scenario, if you two VIDIZMO portals, A and B. And you have one Zoom account named ABC, then you can not synchronize recorded meetings from ABC to A as well as B if you use similar admin credentials for authorization.


Here is how you can trouble shoot the issues mentioned above:

  1. As the error itself suggests, make sure the credentials you entered to authorize Zoom app in VIDIZMO belongs to an Administrator in Zoom portal.
  2. Make sure to authorize every Zoom account or sub-account with unique administrative credentials in each VIDIZMO portal. E.g. VIDIZMO portal A should be synchronized with Zoom account ABC using "jack@lexcorp.inc" whereas portal B should be synchronized with the same Zoom account ABC using "sarah@lexcorp.inc", condition that both Sarah and Jack are users with administrative privileges within the Zoom account ABC.



After integration, there are very slim chances that you might not see any recorded meetings being synced from your Zoom Cloud to your VIDIZMO Portal at all.


There are multiple possible causes to this:

  1. Due to a typo while entering the email addresses of all those Zoom users against which you wish to fetch recordings, the system is unable to correlate any. For example, you typed sarah.jacop@vidizmo.com rather sarah.jacpb@vidizmo.com. Oops. Now you know what I mean.

  2. In a haste to get started with doing wonderful things with your Zoom meetings in VIDIZMO, you might have forgotten to actually enable the app after configuration.
    Here is a classic example of how you skipped the step to enable the Zoom app after reconfiguring a few settings in your Zoom app where the Sync Process depicts the status of the last run process when the app was activated.


Now, this is how you can resolve the aforementioned issues respectively:

  1. Make sure to enter valid email addresses of all Zoom users against whise cloud accounts you wish to fetch the recordings from. Cross-check once you are done.
  2. Make sure to enable Zoom app for activating its processing workflow in the background.