A separate Application Server is required as a prerequisite to setting up the VIDIZMO application for On-Premise/Private Cloud deployment. This Server will be used to install the VIDIZMO Application.

In order to setup an Application Server, you need to know the following before we start with the prerequisite installations:

Installation on Application Server

Following are the prerequisite installations on the Application Server, for the application to work smoothly.

Install “Internet Information Services (IIS)”

When the Web Server (UI) role is chosen for the first time while select "Add Roles and Features" in Server Manager, the basic components, and services required for IIS are automatically selected. The following steps will assist in installing Internet Information Services (IIS) on a running server:

1. Open the "Server Manager" by clicking on the icon on the taskbar.

2. Click on "Add new roles and features" from the Service Manager's Dashboard.

3. You will be navigated to the "Add Roles and Features Wizard." You have to make sure that the following requirements are met before moving on to the next step:

i. The Administrator account has a strong password.
ii. The network settings, such as IP addresses, are configured.
iii The most current security updates from Windows® Update are installed.

Click on the "Next" Button to continue.

4. The next screen is "Installation Type" from where you will select "Role-based or feature-based installation." This option will configure a single server by adding roles, role services, and features. Click "Next."

5. On the "Server Selection" screen, you have to choose an option (a server or a virtual hard disk) where you would want to install roles and features. In this instance, we are selecting "Select a server from the server pool" option and then select your target server from the Server Pool. The roles and features will be installed there. Click "Next."

6. On the "Server Roles" screen, scroll down to select "Web Server (IIS)."

7. A pop-up window will open which will ask for the confirmation of adding features required for Web Server (IIS). Click on "Add Features" and make sure that the "Include management tools (if applicable)" checkbox is selected.

8. Click "Next" after selecting and configuring the features for Web Server (IIS).

9. You will move on to "Features" screen from where you do not need to select any features manually. Web Server (IIS) setup will automatically select the features it requires. Therefore, click "Next" to proceed further.

10. On the "Web Server Role (IIS)" screen, go through the information and then click "Next."

11. The next screen is the "Role Services" screen, which is a part of Web Server Role (IIS).  Some Role Services are selected by Default.

i. Select the following Role Services in addition to the default ones.

Common HTTP Features

  • Default Document
  • Directory Browsing
  • HTTP Errors
  • Static Content

Health Diagnostics

  • HTTP Logging


  • Static Content Compression
  • Dynamic Content Compression


  • Request Filtering

Application Development

  • ASP.NET 4.6
  • .NET Extensibility 4.6
  • ISAPI Extensions
  • ISAPI Filters
  • WebSocket Protocol

Management Tools

  • IIS Management Console

Note: When you install IIS for the first time by selecting Web Server (IIS), you will at least get the minimum set of role services. You can see at this point that those default services are pre-selected on the Server Roles page.

ii. It will ask you to confirm if you wish to add all features required for ASP.NET 4.6. Click Add Features to proceed. 

iii. Now select all Role Services required for installation as mentioned above, and click Next.

12. On Confirmation screen, review all the roles, sole services and features that you selected using this wizard. Click Install to begin the installation process.

13. The installation process will begin. It will take a few minutes to complete.

14. After the Installation finishes, you will see a notification below the progress bar stating so. IIS has been successfully installed on your server and you may enter Close to continue.

Install .NET Core Hosting Bundle

VIDIZMO Application needs .NET Core Hosting Bundle on the hosting system. The bundle installs the .NET Core Runtime, .NET Core Library, and the ASP.NET Core Module. The module allows ASP.NET Core apps to run behind IIS.  You can download the hosting bundle from here. Make sure you run the application (.exe) as Administrator.