ECDN or Enterprise Content Delivery Network is an organisation's globally distributed network of servers deployed for the purpose of faster content delivery by replicating the digital content strategically across all the servers in the ECDN. The digital content is then made available in many places and when a user accesses it, the content from the nearest server is delivered and served to the user. 

Without the ECDN, there are high chances of encountering the problems of network congestion and delayed delivery due to sudden and numerous requests from the users when they all try to access content at the same time.

VIDIZMO uses the ECDN to distribute live as well as on-demand video content. VIDIZMO allows organizations configure their own Origin and Edge servers for uninterrupted and fast live or on-demand streaming experience.

Streaming Server Options

By default, VIDIZMO provides four possible ECDN configurations to its customers:

  1. General Streaming Server Provider
  2. Wowza Streaming Server Provider (On-premise)
  3. Wowza Cloud Streaming Server Provider
  4. VIDIZMO Streaming Server Provider

This article discusses ECDN Node configuration of General Streaming Server type. This option should be utilized when the user wants to configure a live stream in VIDIZMO via an external URL.

Before you Start

  • ECDNs can only be configured at the Account-level (main Portal), and are inherited from this main Portal to all the sub-portals where these servers can be utilized but cannot be added, updated or deleted.
  • Only users with Administrator or Manager roles can view, edit, delete and add ECDN Nodes in Streaming Server configuration.


Only Administrators and Managers of the main Account can configure ECDN nodes by following the steps:

1. From the Portal's Homepage

i. Click on the navigation menu on the top left of your screen

ii. Expand Admin tab

iii Click on Control Panel

2. From the Manage Portal navigation pane in Control Panel:

i. Select ECDN

ii. Select ECDN Nodes

iii. Select Add Server to add a new ECDN node

3. On the Add ECDN screen:

i. Select General as your Streaming Server Provider

ii. Provide a Title for the Streaming Server

iii. Specify the Node Type that you wish to configure:

  • Creating a node of type Origin in case of serving on-demand content will essentially create it as an edge node because the uploaded content resides at the storage provider from where it is originally served. While in case of live streaming, you actually create an origin server since the encoder pushes the stream directly to this server
  • Select Edge to configure a server that locally caches content form Origin Server and serves them to the end-users

iv. If you selected Node Type as Edge in the previous step, you will have to define its Origin server here from a list of available Origin servers, otherwise the field will be locked by default

v. You can Enable/Disable the use of this server by the toggle button

vi. Select the physical Location where you want the server to be based

vii. Specify the Base Playback URL on which this node would serve content

viii. Click on Save to save your ECDN node

A notification will appear stating Streaming Server Added Successfully.

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