VIDIZMO offers unique value proposition to its customers with its multi-tenancy capabilities, providing complete administrative control, including management of users. Managers can add new users and groups to their Portals or add users and groups which are already part of the main Account, allowing administrators to save time and manage their users efficiently. To know more, read Understanding Users and Groups.

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By default, users and groups do not move into the new portals for an account, and these need to be added through the following steps.


Managers of a sub-portal can add users and groups from main Account into their current Portal by following the steps:

1. From the Portal's Media Library page (sub-portals do not have Homepage):

i. Click on the navigation menu on the top left of your screen

ii. Expand the Admin tab

iii Click on Users & Groups and you'll be directed to the Users & Group page


2. From the Users & Groups screen:

i. Click on the dropdown Add Users, and the list will display the name of your main Account

ii. Select Add South Bank Limited Users (name of your Account)

3. The Add Users & Groups screen displays the list of all users from the Portal's main Account. On the screen:

i. On the Users tab, select the checkboxes against the users you wish to add to your sub-portal

ii. Navigate to the Groups tab, 

iii. Select the checkboxes against the groups you wish to add to your sub-portal

Note: As VIDIZMO allows you to create nested groups (groups inside groups), copying a nested group from Account to a sub-portal, performs a deep copy, that is, copies all members of the copied group as well its nested members, if any.

iv. Click Next

4. A popup Add Users and Groups appears:

i. Select the checkbox Send notification to selected Users/Groups if required

ii. Select the default Role of the users that will be added to the Portal

Note: If any user or group that is already part of the sub-portal is being added again from the Account, then the details of these selected members are not updated in the destination portal and their roles remain the same as they were before in the sub-portal.

iii. Click Save Changes

Brief notifications will appear in the upper right-hand corner, stating:

  • Users have been added successfully
  • Groups copied successfully

Roles and Permissions

Managers and Administrators can add users and groups from main Account to sub-portal.