With growing concern of enterprises about the ease of employees in incorporating new systems into their daily use, it is imperative to provide high flexibility and customizability to organizations in order to assimilate the end-users with the application and its usage.  

VIDIZMO achieves this through various branding options which include setting up your own theme, logo, header, navigation menus, etc. You can learn more about it here: Understanding Branding Settings 

VIDIZMO takes the scope of customization one step further by allowing the users to edit the language of the application. This enables them to populate certain resources used within the application, with their own organization-wide values. 

Language Editor in VIDIZMO 

VIDIZMO allows users to access an exhaustive list of messages and notifications incorporated into the application via its Language Editor. Using these, users can easily navigate within the application and use its functionalities as intended. 

The Keys within the application are logically grouped together in modules that correspond to the various aspects of the application. This helps in classification of the messages within VIDIZMO. You can filter keys according to the modules as well as the languages that they are available in by default which are English, Arabic, Spanish and French. 

Following is a sample list of the Modules along with their respective keys and default value: 


Resource Key 

Default Value in English (US) 



No Group Found 


Change Profile Picture 


Profile picture cannot be updated right now. Try later. 


Add Users in Group 



Set Password 


You have succesfully completed the registration process please click <link>here</link> to login 


Welcome ##userName##! Since it's the first time you are logging on to ##tenantName## {{Portal}} please provide a password you want to use to login in future. 


Invalid Complete Registration Token 




Selected Users and Groups have been added successfully 



Encoding Provider Has Been Updated Successfully 



Storage Provider Setup Successfully 



Your Request For New Role Has Been Sent 


We display an exhaustive list of all keys and their values in en-US (English – United States), the values of which can be modified according to the needs of the customer organization.

Roles and Permissions 

Administrators and Managers can edit resources in Language Editor in VIDIZMO.