VIDIZMO offers you to customize your Portal the way you want. Out of the numerous available options, you can choose to configure the domain of your Portal. To learn more about the options you have, see: Understanding Domain Options for a Portal.


To be able to map a custom domain to your Portal:

  1. You need to be an Administrator or Manager of your Portal.
  2. You need to configure your DNS and SSL settings using the control panel offered by your Domain Name provider.

Configuration of your DNS Settings

Your DNS Settings help form a connection between your custom domain name and the IP Address of the network where VIDIZMO hosts your site. 

You will be able to do that using the control panel offered by your Domain Name provider  – the company that is hosting your custom domain name – or access your domain name account online.

A Records are the most basic type of DNS record and are used to point a domain or subdomain to an IP address.

To forward your custom domain name to VIDIZMO's IP Address, change the A Records value to point to the specific VIDIZMO IP Address.

Steps to Set Custom Domain for a Portal

1. From the Portal's Homepage:

i. Click on the navigation menu on top left corner.

ii. Expand Admin tab.

iii. Click on the Settings tab and you'll be directed to Portal Settings page.

2. From Portal Settings page:

i. Expand Branding tab

ii. Select Domains from available options

iii. Select Custom Domain from Domain options on your Domain Selection screen

iv. You can enable HTTPS on your site for added security (if SSL is enabled on your domain otherwise you will receive an error message). To learn more about it, read: How to Configure your Portal to use HTTPS only

v. Enter your custom domain name here which you have successfully mapped onto VIDIZMO's IP Address.

Note: Domain Hosting providers give it's customers a mechanism for mapping nameservers, which can be managed by the control panel. This article can be used by customers using GoDaddy as domain hosting provider, for mapping nameservers onto VIDIZMO IP address.

vi. Click Update to save information

A notification will appear stating briefly: Portal Information Updated Successfully.