Tracking is a process in which you keep track of user’s actions while playing a video/audio content to determine the engagement level of a user. Tracking lets you know how often a media was played, for how long a user played it, how often a video was paused or resumed, gives you real-time insights and much more. Tracking affiliate events can also uncover relationships that are not working due to broken links or bad user experiences. All user activity on a media is calculated and displayed as Events in the Media Analytics or Quality of Experience(QoE) reporting interface of VIDIZMO. A user can use other Tracking options supported by VIDIZMO to view media analytics. These are:

  • Woopra: Woopra is an advanced customer analytics cloud service built with proprietary tracking technology that easily synchronizes their customer information and monitors all their activity from all touch points, including websites, mobile apps, and more based on real-time data. Woopra delivers a holistic, real-time, behavioral view of every prospect and visitor by consolidating the organization's data in a singular hub.


1. From the Portal's Homepage, log in using Administrator or Manager credentials.

i. Click on the menu icon on the top left-hand corner of the screen to bring up the left navigation pane.

ii. Then click on the down arrow to expand the Admin section.

iii Select Settings to open the Portal Settings navigation panel.

2. From the Portal Settings navigation pane:

i. Click on the Apps to expand the list of operations that can be performed.

ii. Select Tracking where you can Setup Woopra tracking app.


iii. Click on the setting icon.

iv. Woopra-Settings popup window will appear. Enter the Portal URL in Domain.

v. Select Ping ( The ping sends requests to the Woopra tracking servers on an interval so that Woopra can determine the duration of a page view, the length of a session/visit, etc.)

vi. Enter Ping Interval.

vii. Next enter Idle Timeout (Idle time after which the user is considered offline)

viii. Click on the Save Changes button. 

Note: Get started to create an account on Woopra. For more click here Getting Started with Woopra

ix. Now turn on the feature using the toggle button. This action will enable Woopra tracking.

 A window will appear notifying that Portal Information updated Successfully.

Roles and Permissions

Managers and Administrators can configure Woopra analytics app from Portal Settings.