Storage Providers Options in VIDIZMO

VIDIZMO provides flexible options for its customers to use any storage provider for hosting their content storage. In case of cloud deployment, VIDIZMO offers seamless integration with Azure storage, AMS, Amazon S3, and Wowza but other options can also be configured as well. For customers looking for an on-premise solution, they can configure their storage servers locally with VIDIZMO. 

VIDIZMO provides multiple options for choosing your content storage provider and your choice may depend on your organizational needs and how it aligns with what each storage provider has to offer

VIDIZMO provides an easy and effective way of configuring your storage provider while running Setup Wizard during the initial setup. However, once your storage provider has been configured using Setup Wizard, you can view and edit the provider details by navigating to Control Panel > Storage Providers.

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By default, VIDIZMO provides the following options: 

Azure Storage 

Microsoft provides cloud storage solution for different organizations’ storage scenarios. Azure storage provides a lot of features to its customers such as durable, highly available, secure, scalable, managed and accessible environment for storing blobs. Azure offers a combination of blob storage as well as an endpoint for serving content from that storage, which is Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN). 

Azure hosts its datacenters in 140 countries which offers a lot of advantageous options to its customers with its blob storage and CDN services. These advantages include low latency for content delivery, improved data redundancy by replicating data across different regions, zones and geo-locations etc. Azure also provides scalability and performance targets, backup, disaster recovery options and much more.

Customers can configure VIDIZMO with their existing Azure storage account or create a new one. 

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Azure Media Services (AMS) 

Microsoft also provides another cloud-based platform for storage that includes Azure blob storage, CDN endpoint as well as media services that allow you to build solutions that achieve high-definition video encoding and broadcast-quality video streaming that reach your audiences on most popular devices.  

AMS does not only allow you to store and stream your media content but also perform advanced media processing such as encoding, transcription, OCR, media indexing, dynamic packaging, content protection using industry standard Digital Rights Management, live and on-demand streaming and much more. 

Your AMS account is associated with your Azure storage account, so customers choosing to utilize AMS for encoding and streaming purposes, might want to use their AMS account and their existing associated Azure storage account. 

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VIDIZMO Storage 

Customers looking for an on premise deployment of their VIDIZMO application and storage may require local installation and configuration of their application and storage servers.  

On premise deployment of storage provides least latency for serving content as it is served from behind the organization’s own firewall, which adds security to the organization’s content as well. Another benefit of having local deployment could be utilization of existing hardware for storage as VIDIZMO allows seamless integration with any appliance.

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Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is object storage that offers great scalability, data availability, performance, and security for your media content when coupled with VIDIZMO. It is designed for 99.999999999% (11 9’s) of data durability because it automatically creates and stores copies of all S3 objects across multiple systems. Amazon S3 can also be integrated with AWS Media Solutions which helps you deliver your valuable content to any device with cloud-based pay-as-you-go services. In addition to that, AWS Media Service also allows you to perform advanced media processing such as encoding, transcription, facial recognition, object detection, label detection sentiments analysis, etc. 

Wowza Storage 

With VIDIZMO, customers can also utilize any of their existing storage, whether local or cloud (Amazon, Google or Azure) to serve their content through Wowza CDNs. Wowza provides a powerful streaming media server to its users that allows streaming of on-demand and live content as well as provides support for different streaming protocols. For adaptive streaming, Wowza supports Adobe’s HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS), Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), MPEG-DASH, Microsoft’s Smooth Streaming etc. For standard streaming, Wowza supports HTTP Progressive Download, RTMP, RTSP etc.  

Customers who want to utilize their existing storage as their content provider but need a more flexible and integration-friendly solution for serving endpoints then they can undertake this option.

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Roles and Permissions:

  • Administrators and Managers can update details of the Storage Provider via Control Panel.