A Portal is a sub-portal within the Primary Account. Portals are created for the segregation, categorization, and organization of digital media content. For instance, a large scale enterprise has several departments for whom they can create separate Portals. This will assist them in segregating content, ensuring that their sensitive data (videos, audios, images, documents, etc.) is not accessed by unauthorized users.

Here is how you can delete a Portal:


1. Form the Account Homepage:

i. Expand the left Navigation using the overflow menu on the top left-hand corner of the screen

ii. Click on the Portals tab to expand the list of Portals

iii. Then select the All Portals tab.

2. The All Portals screen lists all the Portals that you have created under this Account. 

i. Click on the Leave Portal icon to left the portal.

Note: Make sure that you are a part of that Portal.

A popup window will appear. Portal Left Successfully.

3. From all portal page using the same steps :

i. Click on the Join Portal + icon to join the portal.

A popup window will appear: Registration status approved.

Roles and Permissions

Any registered user can join or leave a Portal.