To organize audio and video files, VIDIZMO allows users to create playlist to enhance viewer's access and experience. By using a playlist, the viewer can stream relevant content in one sitting without going through the hassle of searching subject-based content with unwanted delays. 
When a viewer selects a playlist, the playback page is loaded. The playback page of a playlist is quite similar to the playback of a media with a few distinctions discussed in this article. To learn more about playback page, read Understanding Playback Page


The playlist appears in the right-hand side of the player. It comprises of all the videos and audio files that are a part of the playlist being played. The viewer can view the name, number and duration of the contents present in the playlist. Moreover, viewers can also download content from the Playlist provided that the downloading option is enabled.

Information Tab

The Information tab comprises of details about a playlist. This includes the Title, Published date, Description, Tags, Categories, Author name and Custom Attributes. 

Transcription Pane

The Transcription Pane appears only for the media that has closed captions uploaded within the playlist. Through transcription pane, a user can search a term, edit or download the transcript, vary the transcript font size and navigate to a specific time by using timed comments in transcripts.

Feedback Bar

From the Feedback Bar present on the top right-hand side of the player, you can give your feedback on the playlist. These feedback options include:

  • Like/dislike the playlist. 
  • Favorite playlist to add it to your ‘My Media’ page. 
  • Share playlist to social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., or share via email. 
  • Embed playlist to external web pages. 

Note: When a content is played from a playlist, the publishing settings defined for each individual content remain applicable.

Roles And Permissions

  • All roles, namely Viewers, Contributors, Moderators, Managers and Administrators can access the Playlist Playback Page. The permissions may vary according to your configured settings.