To cater to a diversified audience, VIDIZMO allows configuring various languages on the user level. Through this option, users can change the language of the Portal as per their convenience and needs. A user can only change the language if multiple languages are enabled within the Portal. In case the multilingual option has been disabled then the default language set by the Administrators or Managers will be used throughout the Portal. For more details, see How to Change Portal Language.

To learn more, see: Understanding Branding Settings.

Note: When a user configures the language from the Profile section, then the selected language override Admin settings.


All registered users can change the default language of the Portal.

1. From the Portal's Homepage:
i. Click on the User icon on the top right.

ii. Navigate to My Profile.

iii. Expand the Language tab.

iv. From the list displayed, select your desired language. In the example below, the Arabic language is selected.

2. Your Portal will be updated to view your selected language. 

Note: If Security Policy allows Anonymous Access to the Portal, an anonymous user can change the language of the Portal by clicking on the Globe icon on the top right next to Sign In icon.

Permissions and Roles

  • All registered users, namely Administrator, Manager, Moderator, Contributor and Viewer, can modify the language of the Account/Portal.
  • Anonymous Users can also change the language of the Account/Portal if Anonymous Access to the Portal is enabled.