A disclaimer message is important for ensuring confidentiality, privilege, and copyright. Moreover, it prevents defamation, discrimination, viruses, and harassment. VIDIZMO Administrators can set a disclaimer message whenever viewers download a video. If a Viewer clicks on download, then a window will pop up displaying a disclaimer message and the viewer will only be able to proceed after clicking on the OK button.

Make sure that downloading is enabled on a media file from.

1. Media Settings

2. Publish & View Settings from the Portal Settings page.

You may notice a change in options if content encryption has been enabled in your policy. To learn more about the download policy for encrypted content, see: How to configure Download Policy for Encrypted Content.


1. From the Portal's Homepage:

i. Click on the menu icon on the top left-hand corner of the screen to bring up the left navigation pane.

ii. Then click on the down arrow to expand the Admin section.

iii Select the Settings to open the Portal Setting navigation pane.

2. From the Portal Settings navigation pane:

i. Click on Library to expand the list of operations that can be performed.

ii. Select Upload / Download Message for Download Message.

iii. Enter the message that you want to display to the Viewers upon download.

iv. Click on the Update button to save changes.

Note: A notification will be displayed stating: Portal details have been updated successfully.

To learn about the disclaimer message popup, click here on How to Download Media Files.

Roles and Permissions

Managers and Administrators can define Download Message for a Portal from Portal Settings.