VIDIZMO allows you to hide a particular Portal from the listing to restrict access of non-members to the Portal. 

There are two ways of accomplishing this:

  • Selecting Hidden as Security Policy Type. In the Hidden Security Policy type, all media uploaded in the Portal is accessible to Portal users only. This Portal is not anonymously accessible, and users cannot be added manually to this Portal. Furthermore, Join Request option is disabled by default. 
  • Selecting Custom as Security Policy Type. In the Custom Security Policy type, Viewing Access as well as Portal Access Type are all available for customization as per business requirements.

To learn more, see: Understanding Portal's Security Policies.


Administrators and Managers can configure following settings to hide Portal from non-members.

1. From the Portal's Homepage:

i. Click on the navigation menu on the top left of your screen.

ii. Expand the Admin tab.

iii Click on Control Panel.

Hidden Security Policy Type

2. From the Manage Portal navigation pane in Control Panel:

i. Expand Security tab.

ii. Then click on the Security Policy.

iii. Select the Hidden tab to view its options. This will hide the selected Portal from All Portals listing, All Portals page, and Featured Portals.

iv. & v. Under Viewing Access and Portal Access Type, the options All [PortalName] Viewers and Hide [PortalName] From Listing are predefined for Hidden Security Policy.

vi.  Click on the Update button to set your Security Policy as Hidden.

A notification will be displayed briefly stating: Portal details updated successfully.

Custom Security Policy Type

2. In case you do not want the default settings to be applied and need to define your own customized settings, you can also hide a Portal from the Manage Portal navigation pane in Control Panel:

i. Selecting the Custom tab in Security Policy. 

ii. Then, select the Hide [Account/Portal name] from Listing checkbox to hide your Portal.

iii. & iv. In the Custom tab, you can always change the Viewing Access and Portal Access settings as required.

v.Click on the Update button to save changes.

A brief notification will be displayed stating: Portal details have been updated successfully.

Roles and Permissions

  • Administrators and Managers can configure Security Policy Type settings to hide Portal from non-members.