VIDIZMO users can rate the media uploaded on the portal to express their feedback. For instance, by liking a video, users can let the uploader know that they enjoy their work. Moreover, if users accidentally liked or lost interest in any media, they can unlike the media at any point in time.

Users can also report inappropriate content, to know more see How to Report Media.


1. From the Portal's Homepage or Media Library:

 i. Click on the media thumbnail that you wish to Like and you will be directed to Playback's Page.

2.  Once on the Playback Page:

 i. Click on the Like icon to like the media. Below the Like icon is the count which represents the total number of likes on that media.

3. The Like icon turns green which indicates that you have successfully liked this media. Moreover, the count of the likes increases as well. 

Note: If you want to dislike a media, click on the like icon again. The count of the likes decrease as well.

Permissions and Roles