VIDIZMO allows all users to access media content, including anonymous or external viewers if they have the URL to that specific content. Besides this, VIDIZMO also allows the publisher to set a password for each video so that only selected users can access media after entering the correct password.

Here is how you can password protect your media files:


Moderators, Managers and Administrators can give exclusive access to specific viewers of the media files by assigning a password to it from Media Settings

1. From the Portal's Homepage,
i. Click on the navigation menu on top left corner.
ii. Expand Admin tab.
iii. Click on the Media Manager tab and you'll be directed to Media Manager page.

2. On Media Manager screen,

i. Locate and select the video that you want to password protect.

ii. Click on Settings and you'll be redirected to Media Settings page.

3. From the Access tab:

i. Select Anonymous Viewers to allow public access to your video.

ii. Then, in the Password (Optional) text input field, enter a password which the viewers will use to access this video.

iii. Click on the Save and Close button to save your settings. If required, use Limited Sharing from the Sharing tab to set video access options based on which the video will be accessible or inaccessible. To learn more about Limited Sharing, click here on How to Setup Media Availability


1. Log out of your Portal and you will be able to see the uploaded video on the Portal's Homepage. Click on it as an external user to play it.

2. On Portal's Playback screen:

i. The video is locked out to prevent unauthorized access.

ii. Enter the password.

iii. Anonymous viewers are able to playback the video entering the required password.

Roles and Permissions

Moderators, Managers and Administrators can password protect media from Media Manager.