VIDIZMO enables Administrators to copy media across various Portals nestled in under one Account. The Copy function copies the content and all its settings in the "destination" Portal without having to re-enter the details over and over again.

- You cannot delete media during the copy process.
- Publish and View Settings of the destination Portal are applied on the copied media.


1. From the portal's Homepage, click on the overflow menu icon on the top left-hand side to expand the left navigation panel.

i. Next, click on the Admin >> Media Manager

ii. Select a video and click on the overflow menu to expand the actions that you can perform on this video.

iii. Select the Copy link to open the list of available Portals where this video can be copied.

2. The Copy link from the previous step loads the following screen:

i. Select a Portal (or multiple Portals). If you have more than one Portal, they will show up on this screen for selection.

ii. Use the Copy button at the button to initiate the copy process.

4. The copying process begins and may take a while depending on the file size.

5. Once the media copy process is completed, an email will be sent to you about the completion process.


1. On the Account/ Portal's Homepage

i. From left Navigation, use the down arrow to expand the list of Portals

ii. Select a Portal to load the homepage of that particular Portal and then navigate to its Media Manager.

iii. In the Media Library, the recently copied video becomes available.


Roles and Permissions

Moderators, Managers and Administrators can copy media from one Portal to another.