You can create and sell your media and video presentations to individuals, partners and other businesses with VIDIZMO. VIDIZMO offers MediaCommerce for monetization of all entertainment media, digital assets, product trainings, compliance, professional development and continued education courses to be sold to new and existing customers. 

Following are the features offered by VIDIZMO that help you sell your digital media online:

Paywall & Content Licensing:

Offer free previews, sell licenses for instant access to full content or use your own PayPal account to receive payments as license fees, number of views and duration of viewing.

Use your own Shopping Cart:

If you already have your own shopping cart or website, you can continue using it and leverage VIDIZMO to host and provide access to purchased content.

Content Control:

Never lose control of your content, monitor usage of purchased media along with tracking viewing, rating and feedback to gauge popularity.

Event Registrations:

Accept paid registrations to upcoming webinars and live presentations.

Bulk Licensing: 

Dealing with large number of users is cumbersome; you can configure bulk pricing, edit licenses in bulk with ease, activate, deactivate, or withdraw 


Advertising Support:

For ad-supported businesses and scenarios, VIDIZMO Player provides out of the box support for IAB's (Interactive Advertising Bureau) standards VAST/VPAID ads and Google's IMA (Interactive Media Ads) for DART and AdSense.