Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your cost structure? Perpetual license or subscription/Fixed cost or variable/Unit cost basis – users, instances, streams, etc.?

    Price varies based on the selected products, either the total number of registered users OR Active users, and the deployment model selected by the customer. 

    For dedicated deployments such as on-premise or customer-provided cloud, customers are charged on server license, one-time installation, number of active OR registered users. Customers can choose to setup HA (High Availability environment) using multiple application servers each requiring a separate server license. There is no charge for the database server and customers can bring in their own O/S and SQL Server Licenses. Other factors include Tier 1 (end-user) support, one-time setup fee, managed services, customization services. 

    VIDIZMO also offers its solutions on Azure Marketplace as transactable offers, through which customers can directly purchase the solution and deploy them in their Azure subscription i.e. customer’s Azure Cloud within minutes. For dedicated deployment through Azure Marketplace, customers are charged on hourly bases or on the usage of number of cores. A core is an execution unit that performs a single action at a time. As the number of cores increase, the processing power increases. Customers have the choice to run VIDIZMO on as many cores as they want to enhance processing power.

    For SaaS deployment, customers are charged only on the number of registered users or active users with no other charges. 

    VIDIZMO also offers usage-based pricing based on storage, bandwidth, and encoding. VIDIZMO offers a revenue share plan on top of a base yearly platform fee that covers storage, encoding, and support.