Integration with existing applications

Can VIDIZMO platform be integrated with organization's Internal or existing applications for content access/viewing?

The most common integration with the intranet and CMS is through VIDIZMO HTML Widgets and does not have any associated cost. Generally, an IT admin with appropriate rights is able to configure those HTML widgets in an hour or less.

VIDIZMO provides integration with any CMS, LMS, CRM, HRM, ERP, or any other system through HTML Widgets, API (i.e. JSON), LTI, and using integration platforms such as, Microsoft Flow ( These integrations generally require onetime configuration, customization by customer's IT, or tech-savvy business professionals. Advanced integration will require professional services, the costs for advanced integrations can only be estimated after understanding the customer's use case during the gap analysis phase. VIDIZMO provides open API for customers' IT team to make integrations with their existing systems, or new systems which acquire over time" Learn more about Common Integration options with VIDIZMO.  

VIDIZMO API can be accessed at the following URL: 

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