VIDIZMO API - User Information Bearer Token not working.

We are trying to automate the users’ provisioning, modification, role assignment and deprovisioning workflows. We have been checking the API documentation for it. But for some functions like get a user’s information we have to authenticate ourselves with an email/password instead of the bearer API token we have generated on the platform.

The error code received to this call is 415 (Unsupported media type)

Kindly add following header in your HTTP request:content-type: application/json and check if its working.

We added the header you mentioned and now the response we get is an error 400. It seems that the token we generated doesn’t have permissions to retrieve users’ information.



How can we solve it?

Could you please check the role of the user as by default only Moderator+ has the permission of  "get" user information.

Changing the role to Moderator+ and applying that header will solve the problem of error 400.

Steps to check User Roles in your VIDIZMO portal.

1. Login to Portal

2. Navigate to control Panel

3. Open User Roles

Thank you for the help. it works now

Thats great!

Let us know if you need more help.

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