Does Setting Up API requires Developers knowledge?


If I want to setup API's on VIDIZMO, does it requires extra developer knowledge 

To carry out a basic integration with VIDIZMO Platform, you do not need to be a seasoned developer. Little milestones such as reusing VIDIZMO JS Widgets within your own website, etc are doable for anyone with a little grip on JavaScript. However, for more complex workflows like creating your own Plugins on top of VIDIZMO Player or controlling how VIDIZMO JS Widgets communicate with your platform to build interactive applications, following are some of the programming models that you may have to have some hands-on knowledge in:

  1. JavaScript 
  2. .NET Framework

Apart from these programming languages, you may need to have some conceptual knowledge about Object Oriented Programming and an understanding of the workings of REST API architecture. For using Widgets, you also need to know how HTML and CSS works to be able to accommodate custom elements within your webpage. 

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