Live STreaming

So I want to push a live stream from US and I want all my offices located in China, UK, Japan, Korea, Rest of South-Asia, etc to watch that stream. How do we do this with VIDIZMO as the stream would have lag and would be delayed? Also, if I opt for VIDIZMO Cloud, do I get the facilities for online translation as each region would want subtitles in different languages?

Awaiting response. Thank You!

VIDIZMO allows organizations to record their content, be it for internal communication or global product launches, process it to be accessible to millions of devices and distant geographical locations, and to reach their targeted audience within a few seconds. VIDIZMO uses the ECDN to distribute live video content. VIDIZMO allows organizations to configure their own Origin and Edge servers for uninterrupted and fast live streaming experience and AI generated translations in multiple languages for on demand videos, or once the live stream has ended and published as VOD on the portal.

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