19 March 2021

As March Madness nears its end, we are going for a layup shot. Here’s a list of 2-pointers we’ve got coming this week.

Bug Fixes

    • Those who have taken SCORM for a spin must have noticed a bit of limbo when you imported a SCORM course. Now, instead of a blank screen, we have set up a nice template while you wait for your course to be unzipped and processed.

    • How many times have you tried to click on the headings that looked like links in your quiz reports? That was our bad. We have given them a plain heading format now.


    • SCIM Okta app looks prettier than before, and now you don't need to wander away to get the Base URI. Although not all those who wander are lost.

    • SCORM was not performing as well as expected. We tinkered its engines, and powered its fuel. Now, it's as fast as Flash!

    • We’re sure there have been times when you wanted to know exactly which question users were leaving unattempted on quizzes. Now, if users leave a question on a quiz unattempted, it will clearly say so in the Assessment Report.

    • Here’s a win for our Android users: Our Media Manager looks more aligned in Android Tablets now.

    • If our Encoding Profiles screen made you question the size of your Android tablet, it won’t anymore. It looks better on Android Tablets now, no more overlapping and congestion.