With VIDIZMO Billing Report, you can make informed billing decisions when managing your VIDIZMO account. The Billing Report is generated on a daily basis, with accumulated Channel Billing overage under respective Accounts calculated on a monthly basis. The report can be filtered on a quarterly, bi-annually and on an annual basis.

VIDIZMO Administrators can view the monthly report on consumed, package limit and the overage of the following items:

  • Total Channel allowed in the Account
  • Total registered users allowed
  • Total active user per month
  • Storage
  • Transcoding
  • Total number of Administrators, Managers, Moderators, Contributors & Viewers

Note: VIDIZMO restricts uploading when the storage exceeds the allocated capacity, however, this does not impact other billing parameters.

Follow the steps below to view the BIlling Report:


1. From the Account/Channel homepage, use the Admin >> Billing Report link to open the Billing Report.

2. The billing report is classified into Consumed, Package Limit, and Overage:

  • Consumed: The resources utilized by a user.
  • Package Limit: The extent to which a resource can be utilized by a user.
  • Overage: The extent to which a resource has been used in excess. When overage exceeds your package limit, you will be charged for the exceeded limit.


3. The Billing Report can be viewed for the current month or view the billing report of your desired months by using the month drop-down selector:

        i. Click on the dropdown menu.
        ii. Select the month for which you wish to view the report.

4. Selecting the month will load the report of your desired month:

5. Use the History tab to filter and view your billing history for the last quarter, last six months or for the last twelve months:

Note: If the usage exceeds the account package, the overage will be charged.


Subject: Billing Report

Action: Get


Administrator, Manager