Identity Sync Service is a WIN32 service configured on the main server. This service appears under the ‘Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services’ section. The service must be running at all times, and therefore its startup type should be set to Automatic.

This service is responsible for synchronizing the Active Users, found in all the domains within the organization’s Forrest, to VIDIZMO Channel(s), VIDIZMO Enterprise or VIDIZMO Appliance. It does that by scanning all the Domains part of a Forrest.

Apart from Users, it also synchronizes the active Groups and OUs available in each domain, which are later used by the VIDIZMO ID Website admin to provide mapping either b/w Group-Channel, OU-Channel or Domain-Channel. 

Only AD Users belonging to the Group(s), OU(s) or Domain(s), that have been mapped to a Channel, can gain access to that Channel. If an administrator wants to remove an entire domain part of the forest from gaining access to VIDIZMO Channel, they can do so by removing mapping of the domain with that Channel.

This service uses rules, found in the main database, to carry out synchronization and can be configured to run after an equal interval of time. This time interval can be set via ID Connector Website by going to ‘Settings > Application Configuration’ section.

To understand how ID Sync Service synchronizes users, please look at the following illustration: