Nov 3, 2021

 What's New

Azure Containerized Cognitive Services

We have recently acquired Ball as customer that will need to have AI functionalities (Transcription, OCR, Keywords extraction, Speech language Detection) On-Prem using Azure Cognitive Services. Keep in mind nothing will processed through any cloud services to provide this functionality due to security purposes except the billing.


The developer can now embed the following widgets too into their own website by simply copy pasting a few following lines of code:

  • Transcription widgets 
  • Insights Widget 
  • Playlist Widget 
  • Collection Widget

 Bug Fixes

  • Well, the some itsy-bitsy we had, have been resolved now. 
  • On the "User Roles" screen, permissions of the selected role are being displayed

  • From the start scan modal, the user can now scroll the pages


Let’s highlight the improvements now, shall we: 

  • We have improved the performance of resource file, now it loads seamlessly and faster 

  • Audit logs are working properly when filtered by date