Sep 24, 2021

 What's New

  • Good news for Administrators. Importing users just got easier! You can now bulk imports users using CSV and get their metadata like first name, last name, groups, roles etc. What’s more? Stay tuned for upcoming releases. 

  • An interesting update for the developers out there: Widgets on Playback. They can embed playback widget into their own website and users of that website will be able to playback any audio or video. Users also get more control by playing around with settings like pause, play, volume up/down, quality adjustment, playback speed, full screen and theater mode.

  • Adding more to the widget mix, the developers can use the following widgets on their homepage and library so that viewers of their website can check out media in a carousel format:

  1. Most Viewed Media – carousel

  2. Most Recent Media – carousel  

  3. Most Popular Media – carousel 

  4. Featured Mashup – collage

  5. Media Library Detail View – detail view

  6. Media Library Thumb View – gallery

  7. Filter media widget as you like. Your widgets work either with Media Library Gallery View widget or Media Library Detail View widget (By category and By Format, Author, Tags, and other custom attributes).

  • Moderators just got permission to do more: Audit Log Access. These users can now check out the audit logs screen. But you noticed they can’t access all the other tabs in the control panel? Don’t worry. It’s there for a reason.

  • We get it, “take control of your machines and don’t let them control you.” That’s why the manual option also exists for you to take control of your redactions! You can manually detect faces, people, and custom objects in studio space.

  • Manual or Automatic redaction? It is not like a car so you can have both. Use automatic detection and tracking to instantly redact faces and people, while manual redactions help you to detect and redact custom objects.

  • Wish you could decide if your uploaded content is kept private/publicly shared within the portal? We got something of that sort. You can filter content and perform necessary actions like limited share, copy link, add to my collection, add to my playlist etc. all while having the option to keep your uploaded content private or publicly viewable in portal. What’s more? Stay tuned for upcoming releases.

 Bug Fixes

  • Custom Attributes decided to customize their own fonts in the filter area. Looks like they are back to their original small case.

  • Viewers struggling to upload their profile picture? They can now “view” their profile picture with ease.

  • Notice anything different about your playlist view? We changed the thumbnail size to give it crisper and sharper look.


  • It took a while to fetch your month’s and year’s data from the reports dashboard. The system is now optimized to bring this up in a jiffy!

  • Your content fetching time within the media manager, search in media library, and filter just got shorter.