2 April 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Clicked on a navigation tab while watching a video, and went back home instead, only ending up clicking on the navigation tab again. No need to take the longer route anymore.

  • I bet you don’t even remember there was a glitch when you uploaded evidence. It was so minor that even we don’t remember fixing it.

  • If you favorite a video in a public portal, it will definitely show up in the favorites tab. 100%! No more public embarrassments….

  • Someone clipped your flagged evidence and got away with it? Not happening in 7.0.201 as you’re definitely getting an email for it now.


  • Your passing score was not looking good on phones (Literally!). Looks like we prepared our quizzes well this time, and have passed with flying colors.

  • Go ahead and pull up the activity log for any media file. I bet it will look less cluttered now.