Encryption is the process by which data is encrypted/encoded in such a way that it remains inaccessible or protected from unauthorized users. It helps preserve media content, sensitive digital evidence and can increase the security of the data that resides on the server(s). VIDIZMO provides the functionality of encryption at rest with configured VIDIZMO on Premise Encoder. To learn more about content encryption in VIDIZMO, read:  Understanding Content Encryption in VIDIZMO.

Before you start

  • You need to be an Administrator or Manager to enable content encryption in VIDIZMO.
  • HTTPS should be configured on your portal in order to use VIDIZMO Content Encryption in Google Chrome. Otherwise, content will not be decrypted. .
  • You will need to run Setup Wizard again in order to enable content encryption.
  • VIDIZMO content-encryption works with all storage providers in combination with VIDIZMO Encoder. To see the list of all possible combinations of storage providers with VIDIZMO encoder, read Understanding Setup Wizard

Steps to Enable Content Encryption

Follow the steps below to enable VIDIZMO content encryption.

1. From the Portal's Homepage:

i. Click on the navigation menu on the top left of your screen.

ii. Expand the Admin tab.

iii Click on Control Panel.

2. From the Control Panel navigation pane:

i. Select Setup Wizard.

ii. Click on Run Wizard Again.

3. Based on the configured storage provider you will view fields in the Storage tab. Follow the steps in the below articles to successfully fill the required fields. 

4. In the Transcoder tab:

i. Enable content encryption by clicking on the toggle button.

ii. Check Migrate Content if you want to encrypt your previously uploaded content. Otherwise, only those media files will be encrypted which would be uploaded after enabling content encryption. To see all possible combinations of Encryption with Content Migration click here

iii. Click on Done to finish the process.

Note: Running setup wizard with Encryption option disabled will decrypt the previously encrypted content - if any.

After enabling this feature, VIDIZMO will start encrypting your content.