A learning plan is a description of how you intend to achieve your desired outcomes in learning. The plan can be very helpful in showing clarity and progress in your learning. It also can ensure that your activities will be very efficient and orderly. In this article, you will learn how to manage a learning plan in VIDIZMO's portal.

To learn more about the importance of Personal Learning Plans, please visit Understanding Personal Learning Plans.

Before you start

  • You need to be able to sign into VIDIZMO portal to create, use and manage learning plans for self-administered corporate trainings or other educational targets set for yourself.
  • In case if you already haven't created a Personal Learning Plan, visit How to Create a Personal Learning Plan.

Edit Learning Plan Details

1. Learning Plan details can be edited from the My Learning Plan settings. click on Username > My Learning Plans, the created learning plans will be displayed. Click on the overflow menu button, then click on Edit.

i. Title refers to the title of the learning plan. 

ii. Start Date indicates when the plan was started or will start.

iii. End Date indicates when the plan was completed or will be completed.

2. After editing plan settings, click on Update, and then Close. the plan settings will be updated.

Reset Media Stats

1. Media stats refers to media information such as media views, comments, analytics and plan progress. To reset these stats, simple click on the overflow menu for a media in a plan, and then click on Reset Media stats button. Your progress for the selected media shall be reset to 0.

Delete Media from Learning Plan

1. Media can be deleted from a particular plan by right clicking on the overflow menu button on the right side of the media, and then clicking on Remove Media from Learning Plan.

Delete a Learning Plan

1. To delete a learning plan, click on the overflow menu on the side of the plan title and then click on Delete.

A confirmation message box will be displayed. To delete the plan, click on Delete, or click Cancel to revert your decision.