DBA password is not working and gives an error on login. 


Alter login query or local script is not working. 


In VIDIZMO, SysAdmin (sa) user password can be changed using the SQL Server Management Studio or by executing the ALTER LOGIN query. 

Before You Begin

- Make sure you have access to the VIDIZMO Server where SQL is installed

- SQL Server Management Studio is installed

- You have Administrator level permission for SQL

Method 1: Changing the DB using the SQL Server Management Studio

i. Open the SQL Server Management Studio.

ii. Expand the Security folder to get to the Logins folder. Then right-click on "sa" and view" and view properties.

iii. On the "General" page, you will be able to enter new password values for your "sa" user. Click on the Ok button save the information.

iv. You will also need to ensure that Grant and Login Enabled are selected on the "Status" page as shown below:

 Once "sa" Password has changed successfully you can log in immediately with the new Password without restarting SQL Server.

Method 2: Change your SQL DB password using "Alter login" query.

Use the following syntax to run the query:

ALTER LOGIN <LoginName> WITH PASSWORD = '<enterStrongPasswordHere>';


Changing the SQL DB password using the query requires SQL Admin (sa) rights.